The Ferrari’s FXX K was part of the FXX Maranello program that uses these cars to thoroughly check the new technology and ideas that will be part of the following serial cars of this brand. The Ferrari Model, officially called FXX K Research & Development Programme, was presented in Abu Dhabi.  This car that was actually technological laboratory is based on the first hybrid model of Ferrari – model LaFerrari – and will appear on the world’s racetracks next year.

The letter “K” in the name denotes the KERS system for using the kinetic energy of the car to maximize performance. Because FXX K is not constrained by the rules for homologation, nor racing regulations, FXX K will be never used in official races. In fact, the car was developed without any compromises and uses technological innovation to guarantee unsurpassed driving experience, but only for a selected group test drivers who are actually Ferrari clients.

Its speed is relentless. The FXX K laps its 1.862-mile Fiorano test circuit in 1 minute, 14 seconds, which makes it quicker that LaFerrari for 5 seconds. It’s because of the extreme aero mods and additional power.

The car has 1050 horsepower – 860 hp coming from the petrol V12 engine and 190 hp from the electric motor. Additionally, there is the HY-KERS system, which is developed exclusively to offer more performance. However, the options are selected through Manettino switch placed on the center console. Here is also the Qualify regime that offers maximum performance in a number of circles, Long Run mode that optimizes the consistency of performance, Manual Boost that offers instant torque delivery, and Fast Charge regime that provides fast battery charge.

The new body kit also promises impressive performance, while giving the FXX K appearance a look like it is not from this world.  The new body kit offers 50% more power suppressed in “low drag” regime. In fact – there is 540 pounds more suppressed force at 200 mph!

It has been sold out at the speed of a light because it came only in 40 examples. You’re out of luck unless somebody decides to sell.

In the video below, you can see Ferrari FXX K in action