We can say that Chevrolet FNR of General Motors in Shanghai arrived from the future., and no, it didn’t come from a Hollywood studio that filmed science fiction movies. The FNR is a daunting and futuristic concept from Chevrolet, which foretells the future of the autonomous vehicles!

The concept seems so crazy and it just amazing that GM dared to share their design with the public. What they actually wanted to say is that they’ve begun to develop this concept for the 10th anniversary to showcase unique and intelligent car of the future but, at least in our eyes, they went much further than that.

The concept that looks like it’s from different world aims to be a model with which Chevrolet presents their intelligent vehicles of the future. It’s quite decent processed and looks like a work of someone who either lives and works in the future, or at least lives in a parallel world. While it is totally futuristic both inside and outside, we should be honest and say that it has a sleek design that looks pretty cool.

chevrolet fnr concept-dragonfly doors
Of course, this view of the vehicle is too far from human understanding to be a serial model, but it is good to see something quite different from traditional forms. Quite different are the capabilities of the vehicle like the fully autonomous and interactive features interior.

The car can be fully autonomous when it is in such mode, the front seats can swivel through 180 degrees so passengers can easily communicate. The engine has four individual electric motors that individually drive the wheels, and they charge wirelessly. Also, there are the laser lights, the built-in radar on the roof to keep an eye on other vehicles, an engine that starts by recognizing drivers voice, commanding gestures and other cool stuff. Lights are a crystal laser, whatever that means, and the doors open like Dragonfly.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that the name comes from the abbreviation FNR – Find New Roads, which is the global advertising slogan of Chevrolet. We would not be surprised if we see Chevrolet FNR in a science fiction movie soon because it looks like it belongs in such environment!

This is an excellent and unusual concept of Chevrolet. The serial version of this futuristic car is not in the company’s plans, at least not for now.

See the Sci-Fi Chevrolet FNR concept is the video below: