Let’s see what we can learn about the most hardcore driving technique you can possibly imagine. Let’s learn what to do if the person who is driving passes out become unable to operate the vehicle in any way possible.

The video is taken at Team O’Neil Rally School, the most famous rally driving school in Dalton, New Hampshire and probably in the world. But it is not only the rally driving that the school is famous for. It does tactical driving training for numerous America’s Special Forces, “three-letter acronyms” and some government contractors.

They don’t want to tell who goes up to the New Hampshire’s icy wilds to take the week-long courses, but they will teach us one of their defensive driving drills, ‘Driver Down’, as they call it.

5 Steps Take Control of a Vehicle If the Driver Dies image 2
The car used in the demonstration is a stock version of Ford Crown Victoria. It is stock more or less if we exclude the huge bumpers the school put on for PIT maneuver training.

Out in Team O’Neil’s upper skid pad in the woods is where the two guys went to learn something useful eve in everyday life.

The idea is that you are driving in a car and the driver, suddenly becomes incapable of driving, for whatever reason. Maybe the driver gets shot, passes out, or worst case scenario-dies. Whatever the reason, you need to take the control in your hands. But, how you do that?

1.Move over
First and foremost, move over as close to the steering wheel as you can.

2.Sweep the legs
Sweep out the driver’s legs so you can get access to the pedals.

3.Take the steering wheel
As soon as to access the pedals, you need to take the steering wheel in your hands because that way you have all of the controls necessary to operate the vehicle as normal. When you have your feet on the pedals, the hand on the wheel, you don’t have to be in the driver’s seat to drive the car to safety.

4.Restrain the driver.
They may be flailing; you have to be prepared for everything, So, take leverage by grabbing the driver’s side door’s armrest. Although you might not need this step because you know, the driver might be dead, is good to bear in mind.

5.Drive to safety and stop the car
Slow down the car and try to move the driver out of the way, and continue. As easy it may sound, it is not and it needs a practice.

These are the steps you need to take if you found yourself in such situation. Stay alert because not always the driver can warn you. We honestly hope you will never have to put any of it to the test.

Via Jalopnik