Hungarian police released video of a car accident in which a new Lamborghini Huracan crashed badly. The video footage was recorded with a mobile phone and shows how this accident happened. Fortunately, the driver and the person in the passenger seat survived. It is just so easy to remember not to drive fast on public roads especially on a busy highway in the middle of the day.

The people from the car in the video below decided to do just that – they took the brand-new lime green Lambo and reached a speed of 208mph or 336 km/h on a Hungarian highway.

Shortly before the accident that happens at 1.25 seconds, the video shows that the speed is 313 kilometres per hour. Based on the video, the assumptions were that the driver had gone through a bump on the road, after which the car lost contact with the asphalt, and the driver lost control of the vehicle.
Due to the tremendous speed, he had NO opportunity and time to do anything so, the car flew through the protective fence, landed beside the road and burned completely.

The 36-year-old driver managed to get out of the car and to pull out the badly injured girl companion. Just watch this reckless driving: