Fans’ anger is exploding. However, the shadow of relegation is growing darker. The ‘war for last place’, in which teams are directly relegated without being able to participate in the promotion playoffs (PO), is narrowing down to a ‘two-way match’ between Gangwon FC and Suwon Samsung. The point difference between the two teams is only 1 point. Gangwon, ranked 11th, has 26 points, and Suwon, ranked 12th, has 25 points. It is a matter of jurisdiction. Depending on the joys and sorrows of a game, ‘last place’ may change. 10th place is Suwon FC (32 points). Suwon FC has a 7 point gap with Suwon, so there is some room.

Final B is the stage of competition for survival. The battle for relegation this season is more intense than the battle for the championship. The bottom place will fall to Division 2 next season, and the fate of 10th and 11th places will be decided through Division 2 and promotion PO. There are now only 4 games left for each team.

Suwon and Gangwon are falling for a reason. Suwon, a ‘famous family of tradition’ that has fallen, was indistinct from the start of this season. Among the K League 1 teams, they were the only ones to conduct training in Korea. There was great concern. It was reality. As soon as the lid was opened, I wandered around the floor. They reported their first win in 11 games.

The vicious cycle of replacing only the right director was repeated. Following coach Lee Byung-geun, coach Kim Byeong-soo was dismissed. Currently, legendary playing coach Gihm Hoon Yeom is at the helm. But it was a handshake. It is a difficult position for Acting Director Yeom to take on. It is greedy to expect him to have tactics, mercenary skills, and crisis management response skills all at once.

Gangwon-do also carried out a change of coach in June. Director Jeong-Hwan Yoon was appointed. In the summer transfer market, Montenegro defender Kang Tu-ji and the Brazilian triangle of Yago, Gabriel, and Wellington were transfused. Corporate clubs also made ‘excessive investments’, which were not easy. There was a lot of back-talk. Still, it was judged to be a ‘winner’. They seemed to be shining brightly by taking Ulsan Hyundai to the ‘absolute top spot’, but they continued to fall. Coach Yoon responded to fans’ criticism after losing 1-2 to FC Seoul in the first round of Final B on the 22nd, saying, “It’s because you had expectations. However, it’s not easy to come to a difficult team and change it all at once.” It was just an excuse. During the time of former manager Choi Yong-soo, there were no ‘expensive foreign players’.굿모닝토토 도메인

Suwon and Gangwon, there is no place to retreat anymore. As long as they get out of last place, they can continue their dream of remaining in the first division. On the other hand, ‘last place’ is a catastrophe. However, as if by a twist of fate, the two teams met in the final game of the season on December 2nd. The final bloody battle will take place at Suwon’s home.

It is Dongsaek’s wish to see a match before that. Before the final match, Gangwon will face Jeju (28th, home), Daejeon (November 11, away), and Suwon FC (November 25, home). Suwon meets Daejeon (29th, home), Suwon FC (November 12th, away), and Seoul (November 25th, away).

Seoul and Daejeon have already confirmed their stay regardless of the results of the remaining games. 9th place Jeju United (38 points) has the task of overtaking Suwon FC. There are many variables depending on each team’s situation. The super match against Seoul is also a burden for Suwon. Gangwon and Suwon, there is no mystery. Every game is a final.

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