When the reserve fuel light comes on in the car, most of the drivers pull into the next gas station they see and fill up the tank. Many drivers do not. Since we can’t convince those drivers to get gas immediately, there’s a  handy article that might help her figure out just how far you can go before being on the side of the road out of gas.

Every driver has asked the question in the title above at least once in his life.

How many km remaining the car has after the reserve fuel light comes up before it actually runs out of gas?

The factors for fuel consumption are various; the systems in the vehicles are different, the size of the tank is important and of course the driving style, tire pressure, fuel quality, and more. From the moment when reserve fuel lamp lights, keep in mind that you have enough space to get to the first station, certainly if you’re driving in an urban environment.

Fuel Gauge Meter

Anyway, to check how far you can go with different vehicles check the list below:

* Ford F-150 to 48 km

Toyota Camry – 104 km

Toyota Corolla – 96 km

Honda Accord – 112 km

Honda CR-V – 99 km

Honda Civic – 94 km

Ford Fusion – 56 km

Ford Escape – 56 km

Toyota RAV4 – 91 km

Nissan Rogue – 125 km

Hyundai Elantra – 48 km

Ford Explorer – 56 km

Ford Focus – 56 km

Hyundai Sonata – 48 km

Jeep Cherokee – 106 km

Nissan Sentra – 96 km

Jeep Wrangler – 75 km

Jeep Grand Cherokee – 106 km

Toyota Tacoma – 101 km

Kia Optima – 48 km

Toyota Highlander – 83 km

Kia Soul – 48 km

Toyota Sienna – 86 km

Nissan Versa – 128 km

Volkswagen Jetta – 91 km

Honda Pilot – 72 km

Ford Mustang – 56 km

Toyota Tundra – 96 km

Toyota Prius – 122 km

Hyundai Santa Fe – 64 km

Kia Sorento – 64 km

Ford Transit – 56 km

Mazda 3-111 km

Mazda CX-5-107 km

Škoda Fabia 1,4 – 131 km

Opel Astra 1,6 – 82 km

Please note: Do not test your vehicle to check if this information is correct, but as soon as you the lamp reserve lights, driving to the nearest gas station is your only best option.

* The list referrers to the lowest parameters.