South Korea national team coach Jurgen Klinsmann cited Germany, the ‘representative of decline’, as an example. At the same time, he asked for a positive atmosphere.

Manager Jurgen Klinsmann, the coaching staff, and the players returned to Korea through Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 on flight KE908 on the afternoon of the 14th. They traveled to Europe in the September international match and achieved 1 win and 1 draw against Wales (0-0 draw) and Saudi Arabia (1-0 win).

Although the victory was achieved, it was clearly a disappointing performance. Except for Lee Kang-in, most of the overseas players joined, and the team was also well-organized. However, they had a poor performance against Wales and only scored one goal against a ragtag Saudi team.

The level of condemnation and criticism is bound to increase. Coach Klinsmann has shown the worst performance since his appointment. His stay in Korea was short, and he traveled back and forth between the U.S. and Europe to pursue his personal schedule. He also decided not to hold a press conference announcing the national team roster and planned to attend the Legends Match during the A-match period in September. This entry was also decided after a meeting with the coaching staff, not because he wanted to. I don’t know if his performance or game results were good, but he only created various issues, which made Korean fans boil inside.

In this situation, Coach Klinsmann continued to emphasize the ‘Asian Cup’ through interviews with reporters. Korea will participate in the Asian Cup in Qatar starting in January next year. Since the last championship was in 1960, there is a great desire for the trophy. Coach Klinsmann showed confidence that he would prove it with results.

Coach Klinsmann said, “Starting from November is important. There may be some unsatisfactory aspects of the A-matches we have played so far, but in the end, we will form the best team and prepare well to achieve good results in the Asian Cup.” I think it will be our benchmark. Our coaching staff and players are currently preparing for the Asian Cup as a benchmark. Of course, if the results are not good, the fans and media will naturally criticize me. At that time, it will be a test. “I think there is no choice. That is the director’s destiny,” he said emphatically.

At the same time, he cited the declining German national team as an example. Coach Klinsmann said, “I think the team needs to receive positive public opinion and response once a big competition is over and until it prepares for the next competition. Only then can it be successful. No matter how strongly we unite internally or send a positive message to the outside, “If negative public opinion is formed from outside, the team is bound to be shaken. The German national team is a representative example. Germany received a lot of criticism before the World Cup, and the atmosphere was negative. In the end, they were eliminated from the tournament and suffered the humiliation of going home.”

Germany’s ‘tank corps’ has accumulated excellent results so far. Representatively, it has won four times and finished second four times in the FIFA World Cup, and has won three times and finished second three times in the UEFA Euro.

Not fitting for that reputation, the recent dark times have come. Coach Joachim Löw, who had been in power for a long time and was on the road to success, lost face by being eliminated in the group stage of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia and the round of 16 of UEFA Euro 2020. Hansi Flick took over as the next coach, but there were no major changes. They suffered the humiliation of being eliminated in the group stage of the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup and finishing third in Group 3 of League A of the 2022-23 UEFA Nations League.

Then four months passed. Coach Flick recorded 1 win, 1 draw, and 4 losses in 6 A matches played in 2023. In particular, they have recently lost three times in a row, and in the game against Japan held on the 10th, they suffered a humiliating disaster of a 1-4 loss. Afterwards, DFB drew its sword. DFB officially announced on its official website, “We have decided to immediately dismiss coach Flick and two coaches from their duties.”메이저사이트

Coach Klinsmann said that to avoid becoming like Germany, a positive atmosphere must be created to bring about good results. In addition, he requested to wait, saying, “I think it is not too late to criticize, blame, and criticize when the results are not good or the desired results are not achieved.”

Well, the board is set. It’s still hard to wait, but Coach Klinsmann said the Asian Cup will become a benchmark. Even then, if you can’t prove it with results, you have to accept fate.

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