Ken Block strikes again. The crazy driver sat behind the wheel of a Ford Mustang from 1965 with 845 horsepower and “frees” himself on the streets of Los Angeles. The star of the video is Ken Block and his outstanding driving stunts. For the Gymkhana 7 video, Block determined that he needed a new, one of a kind muscle car which is maybe the biggest star of the show. And what a car is that?

A fully custom 1965 all-wheel-drive Ford Mustang notchback built with 845 hp Ford V8 engine, made from Roush Yates and spec all-wheel-drive transmission from Sadev. It’s the only performance all-wheel-drive in the world and built in collaboration with Vaughn Gittin Jr’s RTR tuning brand.

gymkhana 7 ken block drifting mustang

The car driven by Block is an absolute beast on the streets of Los Angeles, decimating tires and freaking out eardrums as Ken Block lays down some of his most precise and aggressive driving to date.

There is really no need for us to talk about more. Play the Video in full screen, let the speakers be a little louder, and enjoy!