Each and every year millions of old car tires are disposed of in the world. Many are burned in a process called a slow smoulder burn and even more are sent to landfill. Why don’t we try to stop all this?!

We don’t need to dispose the tyres in those old-fashioned ways that are still causing an impact on the environment, especially not when we could use them to make one of these impressive DIY things…

Use the old car tires and make furniture

These handmade items are combined with wood, rubber, aluminum, Stain, Polyurethane

1. Hoosier Tire Shelf made from Actual Race Tire
The tires have been cut in half to accommodate hanging flat against the wall. They have a wood back for sturdy mounting, wooden shelves, and aluminum inner wall.
Hoosier Tire Shelf-made-from-car-tyres

2.Seal Recycled Tire Speaker
It looks like it’s ready to hit the road, though — it’s housed in a recycled and freshened up a tire. It’s being built as eco-friendly. It has physical ports and Bluetooth connectivity. If you’ve got lots of cash sitting around, you can get one of the 50 units available from $712, plus $223 for shipping.

Tire Speaker-made-from-car-tyres

  1. Make an armchair and a stool
    Well, this is impressive, isn’t it? Besides, it looks comfy.

armchair and a stool-made-from-car-tyres

  1. Romantic tire table
    This one will fit in your garden or balcony so well. You can even use it as a mini table in your home. It’s practical, good-looking and affordable. The lightning is a big plus.

tire table-made-from-car-tyres

  1.  Three-piece suite
    How many tires you’ll need to make a whole sofa set? Although the idea is to reuse old tires, this one is obviously made from brand new tires. It looks like a very good piece of furniture you can use wherever you want.

Three-piece suite-things-made-from-car-tyres

  1. Basement stairs
    This is one extraordinary idea for basement stairs or any type of stairs for that matter. You can even pave the floors or the sidewalk with that stuff. The world is your oyster don’t be afraid to use your imagination!

Basement stairs-made-from-car-tyres

  1. Another chick armchair
    You’ve plenty ideas, just try to use one.

chick armchair-made-from-car-tyres

  1. Vintage is modern
    This coffee table looks so unique. It’s again made using new tires but who cares. It does look good! Do you think there should be coffee or beers on it?


  1. Tire sink for man cave or garage
    Sticking to the automotive theme in men’s best place – the garage, the sinks in the restroom are tires with gas pump faucets! This is good for interior and exterior home decorations.

Tire sink for man cave-made-from-car-tyres

  1. Ottoman for seating and storage
    Graphic designer and student Kirk Kempker Jr. had a semester-long project, “Dilla” is a furniture solution that sparks interaction while being eco-savvy. It is made from re-purposed tires, the lid opens for storage, and can be easily moved by rolling.

Ottoman for seating-made-from-car-tyres