The landscape has changed since 2019, when attention was paid to the official ball. The league’s average batting average of 0.286 and average OPS of 0.797 from 2014 to 2018 have fluctuated significantly since 2019.

In 2019, the average league batting average was 0.267 and the average OPS was 0.722, and the bats of batters cooled off, but that trend continues steadily. This is the KBO league where the two-goal-lower trend is maintained with an average batting average of 0.263 and an average OPS of 0.712 in the 2023 season.

Of course, the mound indicators improved. This year’s league ERA is 4.14. Compared to 5.17 in 2018, pitchers allow 1 less run per 9 innings. In 2018, there was only one starting pitcher (Doosan Lindblom) with an ERA in the 2-point range, but this year there are six.

What’s interesting is that this league trend also applies to foreign player weather charts. Among the six players with an ERA in the 2-point range this year, four are foreign pitchers (NC Peddie, Samsung Buchanan, Kiwoom Jurado, and Doosan Alcantara). Foreigners are strong on the mound, but foreigners do not show strength at the plate.

Just look at the rankings in the home run category. Among the top 10 players, there are only three foreigners (LG Austin 3rd with 23 home runs, KIA Socrates 6th with 20 home runs, Doosan Rojas 9th with 19 home runs). Usually, foreign hitters have been the heavy hitters, but this year, Hanwha’s Noh Si-hwan was the only player to surpass the 30-home run mark with 31 home runs. Among the eight batters with more than 20 home runs, six are natives.메이저사이트

The proportion of foreign players is expected to decrease at the year-end awards ceremony. The MVP and pitcher Golden Glove awards are in the hands of NC Peddie. On the contrary, the majority of the field’s Golden Gloves are expected to be filled with native players. Only first baseman Austin is likely. If Austin wins the first base Golden Glove Award, he will become the first foreigner to win the Golden Glove Award for LG. LG has been through a lot of trouble and pain over foreign batters, but this year it has escaped the jinx.

Besides Austin, the only foreign fielder Golden Glove candidate is outfielder Socrates. Competition for the three outfield Golden Glove spots has always been fierce. Socrates must also win against LG Hong Chang-ki, Samsung Koo Ja-wook, and NC Park Geon-woo.

The success rate of foreign batsmen has decreased accordingly. Although there are fewer replacement cases than foreign pitchers, there do not seem to be many foreign hitters who will be classified as eligible for contract renewal for the 2024 season. A year ago, 7 teams excluding Samsung, KIA, and KT recruited new foreign hitters, and it is highly likely that about half of the 10 teams will be looking for new faces this winter as well. Everyone wants a .300 hitter with 20 home runs, but recruiting a foreign player is not easy.

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