Rejoice people, Land Rover is building first-generation Range Rovers! The new “Range Rover Reborn” program offers you a completely restored version of their classic SUV. The best news is that now you can buy an essentially brand new example of the greatest SUV ever.

At the Salon Rétromobile 2017, Land Rover is showing off the first car in its “Range Rover Reborn” series: Zenith-Stromberg 175CD carburetor, a duo that yields a Sad By Today’s Standards 132 horsepower and 186 lb-ft of torque and a Bahama Gold 1978 “three-door” Range Rover Classic that is factory-fresh with its 3.5-liter V8.

The Range Rover Reborn, first-generation Range Rovers is a program run by the Land Rover Classic division

The team is the same that restored a collection of early Defenders in the I Reborn series in 2016.The program all starts with Land Rover’s restoration team helping customers find the best cars that are highly valued with sought-after chassis codes and rare, cool options. Right after that the team gives those vehicles full back-to-factory-spec restorations using Land Rover Classic parts.

Land Rover Classic’s director Tim Hannig says that the idea is “to nurture the rich heritage of Land Rover.” He also said that he completely fine with that, though, because these gorgeous Range Rovers should remain on this earth until it all goes down in flames and that they deserve to be preserved into infinity.

Of course, these restored Range Rovers don’t come cheap, the prices are starting from about $169,500.

For now, Land Rover says it will restore just 10 such vehicles at launch which is other downside. But who knows how many more first-gen Range Rovers it will offer later. The information on whether they will be made available in other markets is yet to be discovered.
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