For coach Jurgen Klinsmann, understanding Korean soccer does not seem to be considered ‘work.’

Director Klinsmann’s words and actions became controversial because of an interview released on the 10th. Director Klinsmann spoke about the controversy over his residence in Korea while conducting an interview with domestic reporters covering the field in the UK.

Director Klinsmann’s answer was truly strange. In short, he left Korea and went abroad because he had nothing to do. Did he really have nothing to do in Korea as the coach of the Korean national team?

Coach Klinsmann has not visited the K-League site since June. He watched the team’s K-League game in person last July, but it was an eventful match against Atletico Madrid. This is not a suitable game to get to know the players.

In addition, although he revealed that he has visited many places, Coach Klinsmann has never personally watched the game between Gwangju FC and Gangwon FC. Gwangju is a team that has created a huge sensation this season, taking third place in K-League 1, led by coach Lee Jeong-hyo. This is also the team that Lee Soon-min, who was selected directly by Coach Klinsmann, plays for.

If you watched the game through a recording and liked Lee Sun-min’s play, or if you decided to select Lee Sun-min after listening to the advice of former advisor (current coach) Cha Du-ri, who often visited the K-League field, you should watch the Gwangju game in person at least once. Wouldn’t that be right?

K-League 1 is at least good. Park Gyu-hyun, who plays for Dinamo Dresden, a member of Germany’s third division, is completely neglecting K-League 2 while being selected for the national team. This season, Coach Klinsmann appeared on the K League 2 field only once.

I am not saying that Park Gyu-hyun’s selection was wrong, nor am I pointing out the level of his team, Dinamo Dresden. Just as they selected Park Gyu-hyun, who is playing in the German third division, to the national team after watching him, they are asking him to put the same effort into the K-League 2 field.

As he said, it’s not that he had nothing to do in July and August. Both K League 1 and K League 2 were having a hot summer. He seems like a person who was more anxious to go to the United States for a vacation on July 30th, his birthday, than to visit the K-League site and understand Korean soccer.

Of course, as Director Klinsmann said, the way work was done was completely different between the era before and after COVID-19. Many tasks can be solved non-face-to-face. However, there are still things that must be done face-to-face. This is because things have to be done face-to-face and people believe it is worth it.

It cannot be said that Coach Klinsmann’s actions of traveling around the world to bring international level soccer to Korean soccer were unconditionally wrong. Even though it has changed from the past, Korea is still far from the center of soccer. Right now, there are shortcomings ranging from the objective skills of the players to the leadership of the coaches, as well as infrastructure and media.

However, it is time to understand Korean soccer first rather than transplanting international soccer first. Can I say that I completely understand Korean soccer after only watching 11 K-League games?

If Coach Klinsmann had understood Korean soccer correctly, he would not have advanced Lee Sun-min, who is used as a defensive midfielder or defensive resource in Gwangju, to a high position and used him offensively. He would not have asked Ahn Hyeon-beom, whom he selected for his outstanding offensive strengths, to provide stability defensively.

How can we transfer to an international level without understanding Korean soccer? It is true that Korean soccer lags behind the world level in many aspects. It’s undeniable. In the Klinsmann system, which has learned international soccer (?), there are plays that can be immediately transferred to the national team, and sometimes there will be elements that have no choice but to give up. Since Coach Klinsmann is a Korean coach, it is true that all standards and judgments should be based on Korea. If you force the tactics to fit together, nothing will work.

Even these discussions are meaningful only if Coach Klinsmann first shows what kind of soccer he wants. Coach Klinsmann’s five games did not show at all what kind of international-level soccer he was talking about. Anyone could see that it was far from international standards. Korean soccer has regressed to the point where you wonder if this is the team that showed equal performance against Uruguay, Ghana, and Portugal nine months ago.바카라

Coach Klinsmann was concerned that he may not be able to develop further if he continues in the same manner as coach Paulo Bento. Ironically, fans are hoping that Coach Klinsmann will show at least half of the abilities that Coach Bento showed. Director Klinsmann, who said he is used to criticism, should seriously consider why he is being criticized like this. If he lacks the ability to make his own decisions, a good answer could be for him to step down from his position as manager.

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