I am proud of the players who showed their fighting spirit in a difficult situation.”

Daegu FC coach Choi Won-kwon, who achieved a dramatic victory in Suwon away, praised the players.

Daegu, led by coach Choi Won-kwon, won 1-0 in the away game against Suwon Samsung in the 30th round of Hana One Q K League 1 2023 held at Suwon World Cup Stadium on the 17th. Daegu played a difficult game, losing possession and being outnumbered due to Beltola’s sending off. However, at the end of the second half, they outperformed the home team, Suwon, and added 3 points thanks to Barcellus’ winning goal in extra time. It was the moment when Daegu achieved its first three consecutive league wins this season. At the same time, they settled down to 4th place in the league (11 wins, 11 draws, 8 losses, 44 points).

Coach Choi Won-kwon, who did not talk about the ‘challenge for three consecutive wins’ before the game, said at the press conference after the game, “I am proud of the players who showed their fighting spirit in difficult situations such as being sent off.” He continued, “I wasn’t able to take proper care of him because he was taking lessons in Spain during the international match, but I think the coaches and players worked together to achieve good results. “I didn’t do anything, and I’m grateful to the coaches and players,” he added.

It is also worth noting that all three consecutive wins were 1-0. Coach Choi Won-kwon said, “I was able to confirm the strength to endure again. This is the team color that our team should have. I like a 1-0 win rather than a 4-3 win. Now every game is a final for Final A. “The next game is against the difficult Pohang Steelers, but today’s win definitely gave us confidence that our team can play a good game.”

Baselus, who scored the winning goal on this day, was immediately hugged by coach Won-kwon Choi after scoring. In response, Coach Choi said, “He knew that he wanted to accumulate attack points and was desperate. I also continued to believe in him. “He doesn’t do much physical contact after becoming a director, but today he hugged Barcellus first,” he said, laughing. “I think he must have been proud of himself, too.” Baselus also has a great training attitude. “I hope that today’s goal will be an opportunity for us to keep scoring more goals,” he said.먹튀검증

Finally, Coach Won-kwon Choi said to Jang Seong-won and Kim Kang-seon, who had the opportunity to be selected that day, “They did very well. He repeatedly emphasized, “I believed in it 100% and showed a good performance.”

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