“Hemi” is almost synonymous with V8s, but FirePower is Chrysler’s original engine name. The hemispherical combustion chamber was originally developed for World War II plane engines, but by the time they started production the war ended. Afterwards, FirePower engines were available in Imperials and New Yorkers.

The folks at Hagerty Rebuild a Chrysler Firepower V8 in five minutes flat, thanks to the time lapse’s magic.

The guys at Hagerty spent 10 months completely rebuilding their own Firepower. This time lapse video is a result from the 40,000 photos taken throughout the process. The result is only 5 minutes long, but it’s an exciting look at the process of tearing down and restoring an engine. The final product doesn’t look anything like what they started with. It might even be confused with a brand new engine, if it didn’t still say “Chrysler Hemi Firepower”.