The future of Romelu Lukaku (30, Chelsea) becomes more bleak. Chelsea talked about a swap deal with Juventus for Dushan Blahovic (23, Juventus) to release Lukaku, but the differences between the two teams are not narrowing.

Reporter Fabrizio Romano, an expert on the European football transfer market, said on social network service (SNS) on the 10th (Korean time), “Despite Juventus’ proposal, Chelsea have no intention of changing Lukaku and Vlahovic.” We respect Blahovic, but we are working closely with the European or September transfer window regarding the release of Lukaku.”

Chelsea, which had been focusing on arranging the squad, succeeded in arranging traffic by selling some players such as Kai Havertz (24, Arsenal), Mason Mount (24, Manchester United), and Mateo Kovacic (29, Manchester City) for a large sum. However, there is one player we haven’t sent yet, and that is Lukaku. Lukaku, who earns a huge weekly wage, is stigmatized as a ‘traitor of the times’ this summer, which upsets Chelsea.먹튀검증

After the end of last season, Chelsea and Inter had talks about the full signing of Lukaku. Inter expressed its intention to bring Lukaku, who played an active part in the team, if the full recruitment amount was lowered. Chelsea responded and negotiated. Negotiations went smoothly, but Lukaku’s sudden action made everything go to waste in an instant. Inter left the negotiating table in anger after it was discovered that Lukaku had transferred to Juventus without Inter’s knowledge.

Afterwards, Chelsea started talking to Juventus by ‘crying and eating mustard’. Juventus planned to send Blahovic, who struggled under coach Massimiliano Allegri (55, Italy) last season, and replace him with Lukaku. They said they would send Blahovic to Chelsea if Lukakueda’s transfer fee was added. Chelsea listened to Juventus’ demands and tried to find an agreement as much as possible.

However, both sides have not come to a conclusion. Reporter Romano said, “Juventus is asking Lukakueda for 40 million euros (approximately 57.8 billion won), and Chelsea has no intention of proceeding with a swap deal under this condition.” That’s why. Lukaku has agreed to a three-year contract with Juventus.”

Meanwhile, Juventus had a practice match against Juventus Next Gen (Juventus B team) at the Allianz Stadium in Turin, Italy on the 10th. Fans immediately came down to the grass and shouted loudly in unison, “We don’t want Lukaku.”

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