Strapping jet engines to cars isn’t anything new, but jet cars still have the capacity to amaze us all, especially when they have origin stories like this truly bonkers tale behind this insane project.

The name of this jet car is ‘Insanity’. Quite a name, don’t you think?

Even the basic tech sheet of this jet car is crazy enough. The Canadian man named Ryan McQueen has built this car and decided that two Rolls-Royce units were necessary for his car. The total build process took him 12 years, and he dedicated seven of those to fabricating the chassis and bodywork.

The total build price allegedly is 90,000 Canadian dollars. The only way McQueen could successfully bid for the two Rolls-Royce engines at auction was to sell his beloved Chevrolet Corvette.

McQueen had no formal prior technical training, which makes the story more insane. In fact, a lot of the engineering techniques involved with building the Insanity jet car were self-taught. At first, he admits that he didn’t even know how to properly use the welding machine! It is strange, though that McQueen’s created nothing short of extraordinary.

It’s not every day that you see 400 mph+ jet car that was built in someone’s garage. We well and truly doff our caps to you, Mr McQueen.

Ferrari Enzo Inspired Jet Car-03

The Ferrari Enzo-inspired jet car has power of two Rolls-Royce jet engines. It’s dimensions are way off those of an actual Enzo, but he got the proportions pretty much right. 12 years and US $69,000 were spent building this project. Seven years went into the chassis and body alone.