Do you think 1.000 HP Bugatti Veyron and the Grand Sport Vitesse version are extreme cars? It is true that you may keep a record when it comes to cars that go into series production, but 1,000 horses are nothing special. At least nothing compared with three thousand ponies.

To achieve such results,  Steve Morris Engines recently fitted a 572 cubic inch V8 into the vehicle, packing a displacement of exactly 9,400 cubic meters before the addition of two 8mm billet Bullseye turbochargers. Steve Morris Engines took the completed engine to the dyno to see what numbers it would deliver in case this recipe works very effectively.

Oh, the recipe did work effectively as the engine managed to pump out 3.040 hp at 7.300 rpm and 3.265 Nm maximum torque of 6.000 rpm. These figures are straight from the engine itself, and if all that power is sent through the driveshaft and flywheel, this Mustang may produce around 2,500 HP at the rear wheels.

The massive parachute hanging off the rear shows that this unit has been specifically built for drag racing purposes. Fingers crossed, these results will help encourage other tuning companies to push the boundaries of power and torque.

Its performance is totally awesome as stands proud and arrogant on its run, check out the video below!