While Porsche is not thinking to build a successor to the 918 Spyder or if its designers and engineers are lack on inspiration they should check the Porsche GT Vision 906/917 concept from Alex Imnadze. Two iconic endurance racers are from where he took the inspiration.

The 906 influence is evident all the way through the GT Vision, particularly the bubbly cockpit and the elongated spoiler, even though the concept’s is much longer. The 917 influence is not so visual in Imnadze’s design, but the two cars have something in common: power.

The concept is a hybrid allegedly making 1,300 horsepower, it might be a worthy 918 Spyder replacement.

The young designer didn’t exactly have all the powertrain details nailed down. He imagines the Porsche GT Vision 906/917 as a hybrid with between 1,100 and 1,300 horsepower. It would be designed to compete with the new wave of hypercars planned by Mercedes-Benz and Aston Martin.

The two companies are turning back the clock to build cars that blur the line between hypercars and F1 racers. Alex expects his concept to be more powerful than a Lotus or Caterham. Many supercars and hypercars are awesome in short spurts out on the track but can’t go all day.

Should the concept come to life anytime in future, it had better be road-legal, if only for the fact that it looks so damn good. That ultra-aerodynamic design probably won’t see production but the overall dimensions don’t look far off from say the new Ford GT. Check out the Porsche GT Vision 906/917 concept by Alex Imnadze and share your thoughts on it with us!