Bugatti introduced the latest Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse-Black Bess legend edition. In 2014, Bugatti presented the fifth special edition of Veyron model as a part of the Legends series based on the Grand Sport Vitesse. This time Bugatti honors the Type 18 Black Bess, 100-year-old model, as one of the first top super sports cars. The vehicle was powered by inline 4 – cylinder engine with a volume of 5 liters which delivered more than 100hp. With these horse powers, the top speed of 161 km/h is what we can expect at least.

bugatti veyron black bess legends edition photoEttore Bugatti himself drove the Type 18 Black Bess and it secured him a win in the Mont Ventoux Hill Climb 1912. French aviator Roland Garros also owned this car.

Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse Black Bess will have limited production of three vehicles, as well as the rest of the Legends series, and is characterized by black painted body with gold decorations.
The interior of this precious collectible 1200 hp, 255 mph hypercar is in bright tones, combined with earthen shades of Havanna skin on the dashboard and door panels.

Black Bess is the fifth of the six-part Legends Grand Sport Vitesse series, which also includes the slick Jean Bugatti Rembrandt edition. Bugatti proudly states that all 12 previous Legend cars have already been sold. It’s possible this one to be sold for a couple of million $, perhaps before the show closes its doors.

Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse-Black Bess legend edition Video: