Audi RS3 sedan based racecar.

Audi has just revealed the RS3 LMS race car based on the new RS3 sedan. It looks like the RS3 will cost around $110-$130,000 and is one of the cheapest ways to get your hands on a genuine race car.

It is designed to compete in the Touring Car Racing international category of motorsport, which means it is not street-legal. So, if the RS3 sedan is not fast for you, then this Audi is definitely not soft either. The RS3 LMS has a 2-liter four-cylinder inline engine making 330 HP.

The LMS’ status as a racing vehicle means you can’t just go in an Audi showroom and place an order. If you really want a track-only RS3, you’ll need to make a contact to the Audi Sports department for the track-day RS3.

The racecar version also has one racing bucket, a full roll cage, and everything unnecessary stripped out of the interior. It’s a bit slower than the street-legal version since it reaches 62 MPH in 4.5 seconds and a top speed of 149 MPH, but the grip and handling are way better.

Still, the RS3 LMS will certainly be a shockingly quick car around a track because of the combination of a sequential transmission, the huge aero package and an approx 2,800 lbs weight. With stats like that, the RS3 LMS should be an awesome addition to an excellent new-ish touring car championship.

Audi RS3 LMS image 3