In order to celebrate the cooperation with Red Bull Racing, the British brand Aston Martin introduced new V8 and V12 Vantage Red Bull Racing!

Both vehicles are made by Q-division of Aston Martin and will be offered in the second quarter of this year. Well, the differences are not spectacular – what is unique is the combination of colors that decorate these cars. The cars can be ordered in Mariana Blue, yellow and red – the colors of RBR Formula 1 team or satin blue.

If buyers want a different combination, they can choose Tungsten Silver or satin Mariana Blue. A red grille insert and yellow brake calipers achieve the whole Red Bull Racing visual. There’s also a carbon fiber splitter, side strakes, and diffuser, to keep things looking appealing and sporty.

Among other things, special editions receive carbon front splitter, carbon diffuser and carbon fiber frame of the grille. The cabin gets a unique flashing, steering wheel wrapped in Alcantara, carbon interior details and Red Bull Racing’s brand name on the headrests. Formula 1 fans will be excited for the ability for buyers to choose which Red Bull Racing’s F1 driver they want to sign their vehicle – each car will get a unique serial number and a small inspection plaque with the signature of Daniel Ricciardo or Max Verstappen.

The chairperson of Aston Martin – Andy Palmer – said “motorsport has always been and will be a significant part of the DNA of Aston Martin, and these special versions bring those values ​​directly to our customers. New F1 season will start soon, and these vehicles will bring the excitement a little closer to those who cannot wait for it to start. ”

Aston Martin V8 and V12 Vantage with Red Bull image2

The price for a “normal” V8 Vantage S starts from around $135,000, with the V12 version the price is jumping up to about $200,000.