The Polish Arrinera Automotive released official images of the production version of its sports car Hussarya, named in the honor of the Polish cavalries of the 16th century, which were known for their beauty, strength and mobility. These should be the main features of this supercar as well.

Regarding Venocara, they adjusted the exterior and redesigned the interior, and if all goes well, Hussarya will hit the streets soon.

The same engine used for the supercharged Corvette Z06 powers the vehicle, a 6.2-liter V8 paired with an automated manual transmission CIMA. Having this engine, the car has 650 HP and 604 lb-ft. of torque 62 mph in 3,2 seconds, while the maximum speed will be 217.5 mph.

It remains an open question about the price – though the price is planned to be 160.000 dollars, which is a bit unrealistic for this type of vehicle. It remains to be seen how much Hussarya will really cost. A series of 100 units are planned annually.

Arrinera Hussarya: new Polish Supercar- VIDEO: