Trying the rear-wheel-drive variant of the Huracan, through the breathtaking backwoods of New Hampshire

Most of the things we know and use today were invented out of necessity. Take the vehicles as an example. They were invented for the sole purpose of getting us from point A to point B. But then, we all would be driving cars with no style, no sound, and no fun. Lamborghini vehicles are different.

Thank God, Lamborghini encourages our automotive fantasies with the seductive look of their vehicles, those incredible sounds and excessive amounts of power. On the episode of “Ignition”, we’ll find out of 2016 Lamborghini Huracan LP 580-2 is a genuinely good car. The LP-580-2 is the RWD variant of the Huracan. But this is not just an ordinary automobile. It’s a candy, a very delicious candy. Would you like to live in a world without candies?

Lamborghini exists to put a smile on your face. The dash-two in the name of this vehicle means it is a two-wheel drive version. The LP stands for The LP stands for the Italian longitudinale posteriore, which means that the engine is mounted longitudinally. The 580 is the horsepower counted in metric, that is 571 horsepower coming from the naturally aspirated 5.2-liter V-10. It is detuned slightly from the LP-610 so it loses a couple of horsepower and 250 RPM.

Losing the front axle saves far less weight than expected, leaving the front wheels to concentrate on the steering, and the steering is very good on this car. LP-580-2 has slightly different front and rear fascia. The larger intakes up front allow more air to reduce the aerodynamic lift while the rear has bigger openings underneath and between the taillights but the difference is subtle enough but no one would notice it unless they saw the LP-580-4.

This Lambo is the only one coming with the flowery steel rotors.

New Hampshire has the perfect playground to explore the rear-drive Huracan’s abilities. Watch the full episode below to hear what the host has to say for the one and only Lamborghini LP 580-2.