The Camaro was born out of a volcano. That is because 50 years ago, it rose from a caldera amid fountains of fire and a molten lake of lava in the muscle car’s very first TV commercial. Who knows how many martinis Don Draper harmed while writing copy for the ad.

In the half-century since the American public first blew its stack over the Camaro, there are no TV commercials for them anymore. The Chevy marketing team finds its midsized vehicles and trucks do better in TV spots. Thus, the brand focuses marketing on the car’s social media presence. In 2013, the image of the car’s Facebook page had the highest user engagement stats of any automotive brand. By 2015, scammers were taking full advantage of its likability, and many sites were debunking fake giveaway posts.

How popular Camaro really is?

Very. A Google search for “ Camaro reddit ” shows more than 633,000 results for the its popular online forums. Maybe this is because car’s reputation in racing and custom body work. A year ago, selfie supermodel Kendall Jenner was filmed handing a sandwich to a homeless man from the driver’s seat of a 1969 Camaro SS convertible. The YouTube video is so fake but it has been viewed nearly 900,000 times.

Chevy admits that of all their models’ fans, enthusiasts for this model are by far the most passionate. Kids usually fall in love with these cars through video games and die-cast models.

Without the Mustang, the Camaro might never have arisen from that volcano.

Ford introduced the public to the “pony car,” a new class of affordable sporty coupes at the 1964 New York World’s Fair. Ford’s maiden Mustang was a modified Falcon, named for a World War II fighter jet, with a less visible trunk and shrunken back seats. Sales went through the roof—nearly 420,000 were bought after it was enhanced by a cameo in the James Bond film Goldfinger.

The Chevrolet tradition of cars with a “C” name

General Motors executive Pete Estes spearheaded the secret development of its response at the Chevrolet Design Studios in Detroit. In 1966, there were rumors of the launch of a model called the Panther. But there is something in the Chevrolet tradition of cars with a “C” name: Corvette, Chevelle, Corvair, Caprice…as five hostesses in short-shorts and high heels—each holding an outsized letter aloft—shimmied next to him; they lined up to spell out “CAMARO.”

The meaning of the name is “comrade” or “playmate”—a “good friend,” as a car should be to its owner. But the other interpretation is that it was “a small, vicious animal that eats Mustangs. Chevy might not had records in sales with this model as Mustang did, but it won a more prestigious race: It was chosen to pace the 1967 Indianapolis 500. Camaro Z28 is the most famously the special edition developed as a contender for Trans-Am racing.

Today’s models

Those new models beat Mustangs in their comeback sales year. National Insurance Crime Bureau has reported that the fifth-generation is the most stolen sports car in the period of 2009 to 2012.

Today’s models are assembled in Lansing, Michigan, at GM’s Grand River plant. The new model is equipped with plenty of 007 spying technology like the “Teen Driver Mode” allows parents to control their teenagers’ speeds or their audio system volume. The 2017 ZL 1LE Camaro PDR can even record your driving experience and play it back.

Enthusiast say that Camaro makes Mustangs weak. Do you agree?