What senior defender Kim Jin-su (Jeonbuk Hyundai) emphasized, who returned to the national team four months after suffering facial injuries such as orbital fractures and cheekbone fractures, was ‘responsibility’.

Before the national team training held at Paju NFC on the 11th, Kim Jin-su began by saying, “It’s been a long time since I came out, so I feel very burdened.” Regarding his thoughts on returning to the national team, he said, “Every time I come, I think it’s something new and an honor.”

Kim Jin-su does not yet have much of a relationship with the A national team under coach Klinsmann. Because of injury.

Coach Klinsmann called up the national team a total of 4 times after taking office, of which Jinsu Kim played only 2 games. This is because Kim Jin-su was injured in both of these games and was discharged.

In March, when coach Klinsmann first called up, Jinsu Kim suffered a back injury in the game against Colombia and was excluded from the call. He was also included in the list in June and played against El Salvador, but suffered a facial injury and had to go on the operating table. Due to his recovery period, he was naturally not included in the squad for the trip to England in September.

Kim Jin-su, who returned to the national team after four months after shaking off the long injury demon, expressed his true feelings, saying, “It was a good motivation.” Jinsu Kim said, “Because I am not young anymore, I am motivated in a good way about the next preparation process and what to do when I join the national team.”

Kim Jin-soo, who had been wearing a mask on his team while playing in the game, took off his mask and played against FC Seoul in the 33rd round of the 2023 K League 1 on the 8th, just before being called up to the national team. Kim Jin-su, who played full-time without a mask, contributed greatly to Jeonbuk’s dramatic entry into Final A.

However, Jinsu Kim says he is still afraid of playing without a mask.

Jinsu Kim said, “Actually, I’m still a little scared of heading,” and “I’m always in a position where I have to head and compete, so I’m scared if I get hit in the face by my elbow or the ball. Also, if I touch it with my hand, I can still touch the pin.”  

At the same time, he added, “I imagine how much it would hurt if I bumped into it,” and added, “I thought about wearing the mask more, but I thought it would be better to take it off because I couldn’t see well, so I’m getting used to it.”

Regarding the injury, he expressed his gratitude, saying, “I was continuing to communicate with Coach Klinsmann,” and “The coach was considerate during the previous convocation, contacted me, and also took care of the coaching staff.” .

Kim Jin-su, who is preparing for the Asian Cup, has already reached the age where he belongs to the senior level of the national team. His first appearance in an Asian Cup was the 2015 Asian Cup in Australia. At that time, our national team advanced to the finals, but lost 1 to 2 to Australia.

Jinsu Kim recalled that time, saying, “He was in his early 20s when he played in the Asian Cup final. He didn’t win the championship, so he always feels a lot of responsibility when he thinks about the Asian Cup.”

At the same time, he emphasized, “There were some things I didn’t do well at that time,” and “I have faith that I can go to this Asian Cup and win. I’m preparing well, and I know how big a responsibility it is to represent the country.”스포츠토토

He continued, “I feel that there are a lot of things that have changed from before. First of all, of course, my sense of responsibility has increased a lot,” and emphasized again that “this is the most important part.”

“Since there are only a few seniors, I know very well what I have to do on the field, and I know my role well even when I am not playing,” he said. “I try to do what I can well not only for my team but also for the national team.” said.

Regarding the controversy related to Coach Klinsmann, he expressed his opinion, saying, “I know that the players have no doubts and trust me, so I am not too worried.”

Kim Jin-su said, “Of course, if the results had been good, there wouldn’t have been a big problem, but the results so far are because we didn’t do well on the field. There were times when we lost and there were times when we drew, but if we change the results again, we will prepare for the Asian Cup and World Cup qualifiers. “I think it will be good for us,” he said.

“The coach said that the door to the national team is always open,” he said. “I know that the coach is doing his best. I think it is important to see how well the K-League players and foreign players play the soccer that the coach wants.” “He added.

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