The official FIA WTCC website unveiled another championship safety car, the gorgeous Alfa Romeo 4C. The first appearance of this wonderful sports car as a safety car was on the Marrakech track April 12 and 13.

Alfa Romeo 4C 2014 WTCC-Safety Car image1Once it appeared, it earned a distinction that has been given only to a dozen of models. The multi-award-winning coupé has special exterior package that looks fantastic. The Italian car won the election, which was organized in partnership between Eurosport and the International Automobile Festival.

With just 240 horsepower, the captivating Alfa Romeo 4C may not be the most powerful sports car, nut its lightweight construction ensures that it has a power-to-weight ratio better than cars with twice the output than Alfa. It belongs at the front of the pack, and that’s just where it was for the 2014 World Touring Car Championship. For that purpose it’s been fitted with the  special red and black livery, and was allegedly caring some extra safety equipment like emergency lighting, a couple of fire extinguishers and a first aid kit on board in case  it arrives at the scene of an accident before the medical support car can get there.

The Alfa Romeo 4C is a load of advanced technology and glamorous style. It’s the perfect car to play the role of the safety car in a trendy series like WTCC. We are proud and excited, because the 4C moves the Alfa Romeo brand close to touring car competitions again.” – Said François Ribeiro, Motorsport Director of Eurosport Events.

Check out the Alfa Romeo 4C the new WTCC Safety Car Video: