The Airbus Group plans to test autonomous flying car prototype by the end of 2017, announced Aurbus’ CEO Tom Enders at the DLD digital tech conference in Munich, Germany. Airbus sees small futuristic autonomous aircrafts as the perfect way to avoid traffic jam on city roads, as populations in urban areas rises year after year.

The self-piloted flying car prototype because self-driving is too mainstream!

In 2016, the company formed a new division called Urban Air Mobility, assigned to look into the future to develop new on-demand, smartphone app based air transport services. One of the concepts included a new helicopter style vehicle capable of carrying multiple passengers from point A to point B.

A³ is the aviation giant’s Silicon Valley outpost, a project that Airbus previously said to be responsible for a Project called Vahana: a self-piloted flying vehicle platform for passengers and cargo.

Urban transport went underground one hundred years ago so, now, we have the technological resources at our disposal to go above ground, Airbus boss Enders told reporters.

While on-demand self-flying cars sound like a pipedream, he said the technology would be beneficial in the long term as city infrastructure planners don’t need to pour billions into concrete bridges and roads.

Airbus to test self-piloted flying car 02

He also said that Airbus is currently positioned as the world’s largest maker of commercial helicopters. The company would invest to make the most of new innovations such as artificial intelligence and autonomous driving– two technologies becoming increasingly important in the auto industry.