Gwangju FC captain Ahn Young-gyu was looking at the next goal. He revealed how important the first match was for this. 

K-League 1 has one last lap left. The final round starting this weekend, Group A includes Ulsan Hyundai, Pohang Steelers, Gwangju FC, Jeonbuk Hyundai, Daegu FC, and Incheon United, while Group B includes FC Seoul, Daejeon Hana Citizens, Jeju United, Suwon FC, Gangwon FC, and Suwon. Samsung was located.

Coaches and players from the six clubs participating in Final Round A participated in the Final Round A Media Day held at the Nine Tree Premier Locaus Hotel in Yongsan-gu, Seoul on the 18th. Gwangju had ‘captain’ Ahn Young-gyu along with coach Lee Jeong-hyo. 

Ahn Young-gyu, who met with reporters before the event, first expressed his feelings about advancing to Final Round A, saying, “I am happy. I feel like I am receiving some reward for my hard work throughout the season.”

However, he emphasized, “But we are not satisfied with just being in the Final A group. The season is not over yet. There are five games left, and we want to finish the remaining season on a better note by playing Gwangju’s own soccer.” .메이저놀이터

What is the specific goal that Ahn Young-gyu is looking at? When asked about this, he said, “First of all, the goal is to advance to the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League (ACL). Of course, we have to work hard. The point gap is still high enough to catch up, so if we prepare well for each game, we will get good results. “I think there is,” he answered.

Gwangju is a team that was promoted to the K League 1 stage this season. It is quite impressive that a promoted team ranked 3rd in the league and advanced to the Final A group. It was even said that it was a typhoon in Gwangju, which went beyond gusts of wind. Young-gyu Ahn said, “It depends on how we do, so I didn’t have any expectations or feelings before the season started.”

However, he explained, “I had a goal. I set it before the season started, and I achieved it by the regular round. The goal of reaching the final round is still in progress. I think I need to prepare better.”

Looking back on this season’s regular rounds, Ahn Young-gyu said, “Actually, I always feel regretful about the games we lost or drew. I think we would have had better results if we had prepared better and played the soccer we wanted to play. But that’s the past. “Now we are only thinking about the remaining five games and the game against Ulsan on the weekend,” he said calmly.

Gwangju is now scheduled to play a home game against Ulsan on the 21st. It’s an important first game, and Gwangju has to face ‘league leader’ Ulsan. But the team atmosphere is good. And I’m trying to stay focused. Young-gyu Ahn said, “It was a good atmosphere until the moment we finished the regular round. But after that, we were not excited and all the players were preparing equally. We only focused on the upcoming game against Ulsan and worked hard all week.” 

It was Ahn Young-gyu who knew very well that getting the first button right was really important. When asked about the team he would like to defeat in the final round, he said, “Shouldn’t we defeat Ulsan first?” and “Ulsan is currently the number one team in the league. And if we can create a good atmosphere in the first game, I think we will be able to ride that trend for the rest of the schedule. “I hope the players against Ulsan give their all and finish well,” he said. 

Lastly, “I can see with my own eyes that the number of fans coming to the stadium is increasing. And thanks to the louder cheering voices, the players are receiving great strength. They have the strength to play one more step on the stadium. Now, 5 “There are still games left, but if you come to the stadium and support us like now, we will do our best to reward you with a good performance,” he said, expressing his gratitude to the fans. 

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