The long-awaited “blockbuster” Furious 7 has finally arrived in theaters, and for those who live for real cars action, here is how Furious 7 scenes look like when recorded on GoPro cameras. Although some evil tongues claimed that the famous movie saga “The Fast and the Furious” is ripe for retirement, the high octane adrenaline action proved them wrong.

The Furious ‘spell’ arrived and they brought the incredible stunts with them. During the filming of this movie, in which the main roles were played by Vin Diesel, Jason Statham, and the late Paul Walker, 230 cars were destroyed.

Furious-7 go pro filming

Today we go behind the scenes to check out how each stunt looks like from a new perspective. Witness behind the scenes action below!

Judging by the explosions on all sides and the stunts, adrenaline on set can be felt even in the air, just check out the Video below: