The Hangzhou Asian Games concluded 16 days of intense competition.

Our players showed off their skills really well until the end.

The national soccer team achieved a thrilling comeback victory over Japan, achieving its first-ever three-game losing streak in the Asian Games.스포츠토토

He overcame great pressure to continue his winning streak and won all 7 games to win a meaningful gold medal.

The start was uneasy.

They gave up the first goal two minutes into the first half.

But I was no longer shaken.

I took control right away.

Hwang Jae-won, who gave the excuse for conceding a goal, assisted Jung Woo-young’s header to tie the score, and in the second half, Cho Young-wook scored the comeback winning goal.

After that, it was a series of desperation and nervousness.

Even the players on the bench cheered enthusiastically with their hands sweating.

[Lee Kang-in]
“Mingyu! Mingyu! Song Mingyu!!”

And the moment the final whistle sounded,

all the players jumped out and became one.

I enjoyed the thrilling moment of winning the gold medal.

In this tournament, they achieved their first ever 3-game losing streak with a powerful performance of 27 goals and 3 goals conceded.

[Hwang Seon-hong/Asian Games national soccer team coach]
“I think working with the Taegeuk symbol on your chest is always a burden and you have to overcome that weight. I am very happy because I think I have brought joy to the people.”

Lee Kang-in, who gave strength just by his presence, and Jung Woo-young, who was the top scorer of the tournament with 8 goals…

A total of 20 players received military service benefits, including Hong Hyun-seok, who scored the fantastic free kick against China, and Cho Young-wook, who scored the winning goal in the final.

[Cho Young-wook/Asian Games national soccer team]
“They said this is the first time something like this has happened to a Sangmu soccer player. I don’t know what’s going to happen yet, so I’m just happy that I showed a good performance.”

[Jung Woo-young/Asian Games national soccer team]
“It was a competition where I could grow a lot as a player, and I think it was a stage where I could feel a lot and take a step forward.”

In particular, the news of Lee Kang-in’s victory became a hot topic across the sea in Europe.

[Lee Kang-in/National Soccer Team]
“I am very happy that I won my first championship and my first gold medal representing the Republic of Korea, and I will always work hard to show that I am improving as a soccer player.”

An overwhelming gold medal achieved by winning all 7 matches.

It was a valuable time to grow further with the confidence that I could accomplish anything.

This is Taewoon Kim from MBC News in Hangzhou.

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