Eric had a few Ferraris in his time such as the F40 for sale at GVE London and believe us, his Ferrari back catalogue is simply off the scale. Picking three at random, there was a a 275 GTS owned by the actress Jayne Mansfield, 250 GT Lusso – thought to be his favourite Ferrari, and the one-off SP12 EC, built to pay homage to the 512BB.

As far as Ferrari is concerned, Eric Clapton is A-list material. So much that when the Enzo was launched back in 2003, he was the first in the UK to own it and one of the three customers to take delivery.

Like most Enzo customers, Eric could have asked for his car to be shipped to his lux home in Surrey, but instead he flew to Maranello to collect it himself.

Choosing a favorite Ferrari must be like being asked to name the number one lover. For the 599 GTB read Patsy Kensit, for the 275 GTB read Carla Bruni, for the Daytona read Pattie Boyd. But where does that leave the Ferrari F40?

The Ferrari F40 formerly owned by Eric Clapton is for sale, and it could be yours for £925,000.

The world has run out of superlatives and clichés for the Ferrari F40. It  was the star of the show at the 1987 Frankfurt Motor Show and immediately became the main subject  of choice for boys looking for new bedroom wall poster.

If you’re a rock musician on the verge of greatness, with or without a driver’s license, take a leaf out of Eric Clapton’s book and get on the phone to GVE London. It might not give you ‘God-like’ guitar skills, but it’ll certainly look awesomely parked on the drive.

No wonder rich people were queuing up to have a slice of Ferrari history, with some F40 models changing hands for a million pounds. It makes GVE’s £925,000 price tag seem like outstanding value for money.