BMW brought the four-door sports car to the masses with the M5, so why shouldn’t Bugatti bring a four-door surprise in the form of the Bugatti Galibier concept?! It was in September 2009 when Bugatti unveiled its latest project at a highly exclusive invitation-only event.

Veyron had been in production for four years now and instead of another limited Veyron edition, spectators at the event were introduced to a four-door surprise in the form of the Bugatti Galibier concept. It looked as incredible in person as it sounded on paper.

The Galibier was to use a front-mounted, 8.0 L twin-supercharged W126engine delivering power to all wheels. The production version of the Galibier concept was expected to reach the market in 2014 however, on September 2013 a tragedy struck. Despite the fact that the billionaires of this world could be already heard opening their wallets, Bugatti announced that it will be “pulling out” of the Galibier project.

Bugatti Galibier image 3

The Galibier offers Bugatti another shot to change the automotive world forever with this four-door hypercar. However, in May 2016, in the middle of the VW emission scandal, Bugatti CEO Wolfgang announced that the project was up for consideration again with a price similar to the Chiron.

As we’ve mentioned, the Galibier was initially going to have an 8.0-liter W16 engine capable of producing 1,000 horsepower while surpassing speeds of 235 mph. The updated engine from the Chiron would add an additional 500 horsepower and ensure that its top speed would be too fast for anyone to reach.

The Bugatti quality and power and the Rolls Royce interior would make this car a must-have for car collectors. The car has a hood that opens in two parts along a central hinge. The longitudinal rib seen on the previous EB118 and EB218 concepts is also used in this car. Should the Gabilier see a production, it would most likely have been one of if not the most luxurious cars ever produced.