All of us like a good exhaust hack, and this is a damn good one! An owner of stock 996 Porsche 911 has complained that his car sounded a bit tame, which is OK since it’s got a 3.4-litre naturally aspirated flat six, although, the standard mufflers did a good job of muting the exhaust note.Therefore, he has been planning to fit an aftermarket back box, but then he discovered a much cheaper way to achieve the same results.

How to to make a stock 996 Porsche 911 sound vicious? Easy, use the Gundo Hack

The hack involves welding in a pipe between inlet as well as outlet pipes of the typical exhaust system, effectively changing the tone and volume of the car’s exhaust note. This modification apparently copies the sports exhaust option that the 996s originally featured, and if you actually listen to the sound comparison above, you’ll notice how much difference it makes. It’s not bad for £200 of work, eh?

The only disadvantage is that there is no switchable valve so the exhaust is permanently in sports mode and it could get annoying if you did this work to a car you drive daily.

Now you know that it’s possible to make the stock 996’s exhaust much more vocal only by welding in a small bypass pipe between the inlet and outlet pipes. In this video, you can see the modification being carried out and, compare the sound of the car before and after the hack in a variety of conditions.
So turn up the volume and see just how wonderful this 911 now sounds.