According to the Consumer Reports’ Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey, Tesla owners are more than satisfied with their cars. More than nine out of 10 Tesla owners said that they would definitely buy their cars again.

The survey has found that a whopping 91 percent of Tesla owners said that if they are given the chance to do things all over again, they would “definitely” buy the vehicle they now own. The satisfaction score beat the second-place Porsche by 7 percentage points or with 84% of owners reporting that they’d buy Porche again.

Audi, Toyota, and Subaru rounded out the top five and their place remained unchanged from last year. Lincoln and Hyundai are the brands with notable jumps year-over-year. The former moved from 21st to 12th, while the latter rose to 13th from 24th.

With only 53% owners satisfaction, Fiat finished last. But the results are questionable since Fiat is currently selling very few vehicles in the US. According to Consumer Reports the Acura ILX is the least-satisfying vehicle overall, and among owners, it is known as a pricey, dressed-up Honda Civic.

Tesla’s high score for brand loyalty is a warning to the numerous competitors. If an automaker can get close to 100% of satisfied owners, the brand is nearly unconquerable. This high score also means that the brand projects a powerful image, which according to them, has been built on the CEO Elon Musk’s charisma as well as on the strength of the company’s story rather than on a well-paid advertising and marketing.

Tesla developed a level of brand loyalty that is more impressive than the fact that it has put countless electric cars on the road.

Via businessinsider