What do you think are the top seven three-wheeled vehicles that everyone wants to own? Or let’s put it another way. Did you know that three-wheeled things can be super-wanted and super-cool? Yes, it’s true, believe us, we’re not talking nonsense.

We’re presenting you the most awesome three-wheeled vehicles ever:

Carver One
Get ready to lean into excitement with the amazing Carver One, a single seat vehicle equipped with an incredible engineering design that allows it to actually lean into turns like a motorcycle. Designated as an SCV or Slender Comfort Vehicle, this vehicle is equipped with groundbreaking dynamic vehicle control technology.

According to the company, this vehicle provides speed, comfort, stability and above all, an unmatched cornering behavior under almost all driving circumstances, especially in tight turns. It’s DVC system can automatically adjust the tilt angle of the cockpit to the speed and acceleration of the vehicle before the turn or corner has even begun. It also incorporates active RW steering, which allows the rear wheels to follow the steering angle of attack by turning up to 6 degrees.

carver one

Torq Roadster

Electric vehicles were thought of as being slow and boring. Then this amazing machine showed up. Check out the Torq roadster. It was first released in 2013 and was considered as one pf the fastest three-wheeled electric vehicles. Although now is far surpassed in speed by modern electric supercars, back in 2013 its technology was way ahead of its time.

torq roadster image

It actually pulled more lateral acceleration than a Ferrari F430. An 80.5-inch track width provided amazing stability and control during cornering. Though the company has gone silent in recent years, the Torq roadsters stood tall as an important step toward today’s technology.

A beautiful, yet affordable that is chaining the future of personal transportation, while It is projected to achieve up to 84 mpg-US, the Elio is still capable of respectable performance. Its fuel-injected 0.9-liter engine achieves zero-60mph in 9.6 seconds and a top speed of 100mph. This American-made minicar far exceeds expectations outfitted with airbags, anti-lock brakes, unibody construction and traction control. The Elio meets the highest safety standards. Its base price is $7,300.

elio concept car

SOLO Electra Meccanica
This is what you need if you prefer a solo drive.  It’s an attractive but modestly styled all-electric three-wheeler. It accelerates from 0-60mph in 8 seconds and its top speed is 100mph. That’s enough to enjoy the ride. It is powered by a 16.1 kWh lithium-ion battery pack so it’s highly efficient. It weighs 992 pounds and enables a generous air-conditioned range of just under 100 miles on a single 36-hour charge.

Solo ElectraMeccanica

Wazuma GT
The fearsome topless three-wheeler is a low riding machine featuring a 4.0-liter, supercharged V8 engine from Jaguar. The engine produces 385 furious horses and has a 5-speed automatic transmission. Lazareth, the company that stands behind this vehicle points out that it is neither a motorcycle nor a car, and that its rider/driver doesn’t need to wear a helmet. It has four wheels but really only three contact points, two seats, and an engine.

Wazuma GT

Tim Cotterill Rocket II Trike
This radical monster of imagination I the meanest that has ever emerged from the deep and amazing human mind. Requiring a lifetime of vision and expertise to build, this trike was crafted over three years of intense but joyous tool twisting. This vicious beast epitomizes power, speed, and freedom. With a 426 Hemi V8, it can reach up to 100 mph in 4.5 seconds. Its top speed yet to be discovered. It has an unusual futuristic design and three wheels; it’s a legend in its own time.

Tim Cotterill Rocket II Trike

Polaris Slingshot
If you are ready to be rocketed down the road at a blistering pace while looking as cool as possible, the Polaris Slingshot is your ticket to ride.

Polaris Slingshot

This malevolent front-end intense power in batmobile styling could send potential competitors slinking away in shame. Its base price is $22,000. It is 173 hp 2.4-liter engine.