Since the beginning of the 20th century when automobiles and airplanes were invented almost simultaneously the idea of building a flying car began almost immediately. Even though the concept seemed simple at the time, each attempt ended in failure.

The dream remained the same and now we can proudly say that they have finally arrived and, they are more awesome that anyone could ever imagine.

Pal-V One
Is it a three-wheeled motorcycle, or a helicopter…or a flying car? Actually, it is all three sleek and stylish Pal-V One. It’s an amazing hybrid car and gyroplane from the Dutch company Pal-V. On the road, the two-passenger Pal-V performs like a sports car going from 0 to 60 in just 8 seconds. Switching to the airplane is very easy with just a few simple steps to deploy the tail and the rotors you’re ready to take to the air. Here, safety comes first, so if any engine failure occurs, it can be steered to a safe landing.

Terrafugia Transition
A street legal airplane made for the pilots since drivers are not the only one wishing a flying car. Pilots have wished for a light aircraft they can drive on the road. The Transition is a two-seat state-of-art vehicle with carbon fiber construction, glass avionics and the mechanical wings fold or unfold automatically in few seconds. It’s suitable to fit in any garage or standard parking space. Fuel economy on road – 35 miles per gallon while the flight range is 400 miles with a 20-minute reserve.

The Maverick LSA
It’s an inexpensive but tough off-road vehicle with a motorized parachute wing. So, when the terrain gets too tough for this off-road beast it’s not a problem at all. Just deploy the wing, start the propeller and sail right over it. You can drive and you can fly, a pilot license is not required.

Aeromobile 3.0
The saying goes, always leave the best for last. We certainly left the bet for last since the Aeromobile 3.0 is arguably one of the most spectacular flying cars to take to the air so far. The prototype was manufactured by AeroMobil s.r.o in Slovakia and the flight testing began in October 2014. With its advanced engineering spacecraft-like design and futuristic interior avionics, it looks like a miniature space shuttle from secret government projects.

Hear more about them in the video below: