We’re going to keep this to the point and short: Dodge’s new Durango SRT has 475 horsepower and all-wheel drive. These two, in a combination make the instantly recognizable Dodge on the road. With it, you can light up all four tires at will. We know this because Dodge made such video.

 The high-performance Durango SRT doing a four-wheel burnout

You can watch the video of the SUV ripping a four-wheel burnout below. When you see the lights, big-mouth grille opening, and the new cold-air duct and heat extractors in the SRT hood you will get the idea of how vicious this Dodge was meant to be. Its exhaust system sounds like the one of Charger SRT. The Durango has lunch control, tachometer, speedometer to 180 mph and it’s not a norm for a family SUV. It has seven drive modes: Street, Sport, Snow, Track, Tow, Eco, and Valet. The modes adjust torque delivery, shift times, and other drive characteristics.

The 5,510-pound SUV can tow 8,600 pounds, up from 7,200 currently, and has active noise control to keep the cabin quiet when towing and a built-in trailer sway for improved control in high winds and. The noise control turns on fully when in you put it in a Tow mode.

We’ll stop talking at this point because, well, the video is more interesting anyway.