Think of this midsize five-passenger luxury crossover as a sport sedan, with a hatchback and AWD. The 2017 BMW X5 M returns with the touchscreen functionality thanks to the updated iDrive system. The Executive option package now includes wireless charging for compatible cell phones and Wi-Fi hot spot.

Pulse-quickening performance and razor-sharp handling aren’t characteristics that belong to the SUVs. But all rules have exceptions, and one such exception is the 2017 BMW X5 M, the SUV that puts the sport back in sport-utility. Think of it as a sport sedan in SUV clothing. Thanks to the 567 hp V8, the car goes from 0-60 mph in 4 seconds flat. The numbers make the X5 M just a hair faster than BMW M4 sport coupe.

The xDrive50i and the X5 M don’t feel that different in everyday driving, though. Keep reading before you decide to pay the $16,000 price premium the X5 M commands.

Among this elite crowd, the 2017 BMW X5 M stands out as one of the few SUVs that’s great alternative to expensive, high-performance sedans.

For that extra cash, you get other upgrades that might help balance the equation, including distinctive bodywork, huge brakes, 21-inch alloy wheels, and an adaptive sport suspension with active body-roll control. Inside, X5 M also adds 18-way-adjustable sport seats in front and an M-branded knob for the shift lever.

There are other disadvantages to the X5 M’s high-performance calibration, though, including the firmer sport-tuned adaptive suspension that produces less comfortable ride quality, a touchy gas pedal that makes it hard to pull away from a stop without having a feeling that you’re launching at the drag strip. And a third-row seat isn’t even offered on the X5 M so don’t expect to carry more than five passengers.

There are only a few competitors in this niche of the SUV segment, which emphasizes a street-oriented high-performance calibration. The list starts with the Mercedes-Benz AMG GLE63 that features an impressively turned out interior and a gutsy exhaust note. Then we have Porsche Cayenne Turbo, which offers outstanding handling although at an even higher price. Then there’s the Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR, which offers a solid street performance by offering an off-road capability.

Let’s summarize the pros and cons.

Cons: Touchy acceleration pedal; the ride may be too firm for some; Third-row seatisn’t offered; the IDrivesystem needs too many clicks to accomplish everyday tasks.

Pros: Astounding acceleration; comprehensively equipped; Upscale interior with excellent fit and finish.

The all-wheel-drive 2017 BMW X5 M is powered by a turbocharged 4.4-liter V8 rated at 567 hp and 553 pound-feet of torque. The transmission is an eight-speed automatic with launch control. EPA fuel economy estimates are 16 mpg combined (14 city/19 highway).