“Think of the surface of your car as you would your face,” said Mike Schultz, the head of new products at Turtle Wax. If there’s one thing in life you should know, it’s how to take care of your car. Getting a car is easy, taking care of it is a harder job.

Taking care of a car isn’t limited to checking the engine oil and brake fluid only. You should know other tricks concerning the use and cleaning of the car. Let’s lead you through 10 useful tricks, in order to keep your vehicle in a good shape.
Scroll down and see if you’ll find something useful for you:

1. Remember which side your tank is by checking its position on the instrument panel.

10-Car-Tricks-You-Should-Know-Gas Tank-image1

2. Make extra room for luggage inside the car.


3. Use nail polish to arrange small cracks on the windshield.


4. “Do it yourself” – display and music player.


5. Tablet holder for rear seats.


6. Elastic mobile phone holder.

10-Car-Tricks-You-Should-Know-elastic-mobile phone-holder-image6

7. Add or remove keys with a staple remover.


8. Toilet Plunger – remove small bumps on the car easily.


9.Drive in reverse safely with an integrated video camera.


10. Remove old and pale stickers with the help of mayonnaise.

We hope these tips will come in handy someday.